Whether you prefer a large scale hotel chain or a more intimate, small boutique hotel, when traveling, you want to ensure your hotel stay is a positive experience.

With all of the fabulous hotels in downtown Edmonton, how can you determine which will provide the most memorable stay? Following are a few things to look for when deciding which hotel to visit on your next business trip or vacation.

  • Location. Most hotel guests, whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure, prefer to be near restaurants, museums, art galleries, theaters, and nightclubs. They want things to do. In Edmonton a few of these might be the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Citadel Theatre and Churchill Square. Other important locations to look for are convenience stores, banks, and cafes.
  • Luxury. Everyone likes a little luxury once in a while, and this is especially true while traveling. Look for the small touches, like plush pillows, top of line toiletries, jetted bathtubs, super soft sheets and bedding, quality, comfortable mattresses, well-made furnishings, and professionally designed décor. One hotel has fireplaces in each room, for a luxurious and romantic touch.
  • Security. This is important no matter where you plan to stay. Is there full time security staff? Cameras throughout the building? Pay attention to what measures the hotel takes to provide security for their guests.
  • Cleanliness. No one wants to stay in a hotel room that is not properly cleaned from day to day. Fortunately, this is easy to determine and the best hotels go out of their way to make sure their rooms are spotless. You can see the difference as soon as you enter the room.
  • Amenities. The little extras, like complimentary wine and cheese delivered to your room every day and turn down service at night are wonderful touches. Fleece bathrobes are a luxurious touch. Complimentary wi-fi, in-room coffee makers, and flat screen televisions all help to make a hotel stay a little more special.
  • Dining. Does the hotel have a restaurant? Most do, these days, but there is a big difference in the quality from one hotel to another. Some are no more than cafeteria style. For a memorable hotel stay, choose a hotel with an upscale, elegant restaurant where you’ll find exceptional cuisine and great wines.

Last, but not least by any means, the one thing that is imperative for a memorable hotel stay are the people who work at the hotel. At luxury hotels in Edmonton, it is the entire team who make the difference. Management, the chefs and kitchen workers, the table bussers, the servers, the front desk personnel, the housekeeping staff, maintenance personnel–these are the people who all contribute to making a hotel successful. These are the people who very often go the extra mile for their guests. These are the people who make their guests welcome and who provide whatever is necessary so they will experience a comfortable, positive, and memorable stay.

For a memorable stay in Downtown Edmonton, visit the Union Bank Inn located at:

10053 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 1S5

For reservations call: 1-888-423-3601 or 780-423-3601