Most people can size up a hotel in the first 15 minutes of their arrival. Even the smallest details upon arrival can have a big impact.

Is the driveway and entrance view appealing?  Did an employee greet you immediately? Was the lobby easy to navigate? Was the front-desk staff courteous? Did you have to wait to check in?

If you make a poor impression on a hotel guest at the beginning of their stay, it can be very hard to recover as they have already decided in their mind that it is a bad hotel. With the advent of social media and abilities of guests to instantly review your hotel, a guest’s first impression is even more critical. Poor reviews on Facebook, Tripadvisor, Expedia or Yelp can be broadcast to thousands in seconds and have a devastating effect on a hotel.

Many boutique hotels in Downtown Edmonton have been able to win over former customers of larger hotel chains with personalized service and amenities that larger hotels have a difficult time offering due to the sheer volume of guests that enter their doors. Boutique hotels typically have a smaller number of rooms than a larger hotel chain; therefore they can spend more time focusing on their guests. Lobbies and front desks are smaller and more intimate allowing bellmen and agents to personally introduce themselves to guests with a handshake, friendly conversation and assistance with their luggage.

The Check-in process is usually shorter as there are no long lines to wait in. Prior reservations make paperwork minimal and while guests are waiting for keys and paperwork copies, local agents can help them with suggestions of places to see and local restaurants to visit that are not far from their hotels in Downtown Edmonton.

The Check-In experience does not end when you hand the guest their key; it continues until they are settled into their rooms. The guest rooms and suites in a hotel in Downtown Edmonton are always comfortable, impeccable clean and exceptionally appointed with furniture and furnishings that are anything but the “standard hotel furniture”.

Complimentary amenities are designed to pamper you such as an evening wine and cheese tray delivered to your room, a fleece bathrobe to snuggle into after a warm bath in the jetted tub, and a la carte breakfast and in room coffee in the morning with fresh flowers.

Smaller, romantic and welcoming atmospheres, comfortable and impeccable rooms as well as complimentary amenities allow boutique hotels in Downtown Edmonton to provide a perfect hotel check-in and an unforgettable experience for their guests.